Breath ISP; anyone heard of it or use it?

  p;3 02:45 24 Mar 2005

relative running a pc using Breath ISP as his provider; its a "new one " on me ; can i have some idea of any problems it gives with running it and any help numbers associated with it; his pc at present is infected and will not connect to the net; and his username has been changed ,presumably by the infection on the pc .
does this ISP behave in any strange way and does anyone know of any help numbers we can call for guidance :)

  Pegasus. 04:21 24 Mar 2005


Did You mean 'Breathe', If so take a look at this (from

click here

  Taff36 07:53 24 Mar 2005

Morning! I have used Breathe for many years and in fact it was the first ISp I ever had. I have kept it as my personal e-mail address to distinguish it from business.

I have to agree with the first comment on the above link. The Spam Control is appalling and about a month ago I suddenly started receiving about 70 spam messages a day. It is up to 120 a day now. It would not surprise me if this is how your machine was infected!

By going to their website click here and selecting Internet Access fro the top horizontal menu you can access their help pages and view your account by simply logging on. Once logged on you can turn on spam filters and Spam Cop but I can assure you they don`t work. Email support is available but otherwise its a premium number.

Otherwise I have to say they are no different to any other ISP. If you need any help with manual settings post back and I`ll try to help but I may not get back to you immediately.

  Taff36 08:00 24 Mar 2005

By the way I just went to the above and the home page layout has changed today! (They were redoing the site over the last week) The menu is down the left hand side now.

  Chris the Ancient 09:48 24 Mar 2005

I was an early customer of breathe when they tried to do a 'one payment for life' deal. It lasted for a very short life.

While I was with them, I found that they were the slowest of all my mail handling systems, unreliable, off-line to often and a general discomfort in the rear end.

I could never recommend them either and suggest that a new provider is used, with a new address and just let breathe tick over until everyone knows the new address.

  VoG II 10:13 24 Mar 2005

If it won't connect try WinsockFix click here

This should fit on a floppy disk.

  VoG II 10:13 24 Mar 2005

If it won't connect try WinsockFix click here

This should fit on a floppy disk.

  VoG II 10:13 24 Mar 2005

If it won't connect try WinsockFix click here

This should fit on a floppy disk.

  p;3 10:40 24 Mar 2005

thanks peoples very much for all this; most grateful; is anyone brave enough to be able to give me a screan-shot of

A) your dial-up box page

B) your sign-in page

his pc has been infected by the W32 [email protected] virus (detected by Stinger, put on by me via a floppy disc);(the pc he said "is running rather slow, and I dont know why ")

and I am wondering why at present we cannot get into the net, and I am wondering if the virus has buggered up his ISP settings etc;
his username has apparently been changed from a to a name on his pc, so he was /is unable to even sign in to connect ; and apparently the McAfffery antiviris protection supposedly on there with the "package" has not ,erm, been updated, he says ,if I can beleive it (which i think I can )"for years" ;

yes, the pc needs a dam good sort out, and clean up , which I am tackling; however, screan-shots of what those above pages ought to look like would be useful please so that, when I get back to this machine after the week-end I can have some idea of what the thing really should look like as opposed to what is showing on his machine;

and again thanks for the above; most grateful::)))

and, on your machines, where and how do you change your user name ; can you please give me the full pathway to do that, as his is rather odd;and I am assuming his pc will let me access those areas to do it(the infection has got at a lot of stuff; I am getting advice on cleaning the machine elsewhere thanks, unless there is something specific about Breathe that this virus rather likes that I ought to know);the joys of computing...

  p;3 16:57 24 Mar 2005

I gather that the PC in question is using a version of Windows called 98 Plus that is a glorified version of windows 98, so I am wondering if the winsock fix is appropriate for the machine?

and can someone describe how in breathe ISP one can get to change back the username, as I was unable to find any easy way of doing that; it dialed up ok but the window that we were presented with had only one choice of username; a screan shot of what you see would be useful as I have never met this ISP before:)

I am expecting to tackle the pc after the week end:)

  It's Me 17:05 24 Mar 2005

I also very nearly got suckered into the one payment thing. I shudder at the thought.
I'm amazed that they are still there

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