Breaking down a dvd to cds

  sebiven 11:24 15 Nov 2008

My wife is a teacher and has software provided on DVD.

The problem is that the 4 PCs in the classroom have cd-rom drives only.

Short of buying a 4gig memory stick is there an easy way [preferably with free software] that the DVD can be broken down on to CDs and loaded on to the PCs?


  crosstrainer 11:27 15 Nov 2008

No, but are the class room PC's networked? If so, a cheap external DVD could be used on the server (or on each in turn if they are stand alone machines) to install the software:

If they all have USB ports how about:

click here

  crosstrainer 11:30 15 Nov 2008

Cheaper here:

click here

  crosstrainer 11:37 15 Nov 2008

Depending on the software in question, you might be able to obtain it on CD....Bear in mind that installing it on multiple machines requires licensing for all of them. (unless it's free or shareware)

  Rigga 12:11 15 Nov 2008

Bit of a faff but possible..

Get WinRar. > click here <

Use it to compress the DVD files. There is an option to split the compressed file into pieces X big, so choose 600mb or so.

Write the new 600mb compressed files onto cd's.

Copy the compressed 600mb files onto the target machines at the other end.

Run WinRar to uncompress the DVD files.

Install on the target machines.


  sebiven 13:20 15 Nov 2008

There isn't a problem with the licence - it covers the whole school on as many computers as there are!

No they are not networked!

Have looked at WinRar and that seems the ideal solution for this situation - thanks Rigga :-)

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