tasslehoff burrfoot 00:25 03 Feb 2006


Does anyone use bravenet?

I need a place to store some images and thought I would sign up with these as it's free. My thinking was that I wuld just make a basic page and then have a subfolder containing the images (which is all I want).

I have signed up but can't figure out how to a) upload a basic home page and b) more importantly upload my images.

Any ideas? Or is there a better option than bravenet?

Many thanks

  Forum Editor 16:52 03 Feb 2006

you can simply transfer them into your webspace - provided you have enough server room. You don't need a homepage if you aren't planning to run a web site - just use any FTP program to create a folder on the server, and then transfer the images into that.

This isn't a particularly efficient way to store image files however, especially if they are of any importance. Wouldn't it just be easier to archive them off to CDs?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 17:00 03 Feb 2006

however the images are to be used in an automated email and I need them to be accessible on a web server. the instructions I have received presume that a person is running their own web server on which they can store the images. I do not have my own web server so thought Iwould just stick them on some free web space.

And i can't see an option to upload anything, I haven' been given any ftp details or even a URL (I would have thought I would get something along the lines of click here)

  Forum Editor 17:54 03 Feb 2006

before you can use your webspace - have you not registered one?

Once you have, it will be hosted in your server space. At that point you can access the space via FTP, and can upload your images to a directory there. If you sign up with Bravenet for their basic package you get a free domain name included.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:56 03 Feb 2006

Thanks FE, I've figured it out now.

Got my URL (myname . bravehost . com) and FTP instructions. Uploaded all my images and tested the email. Where all the images should be, I get big boxes with the words "remote linking of images no allowed".

Any idea of a service that wil allow me to remote link to images?


  Forum Editor 23:09 03 Feb 2006

because you're using their free webspace, and if your site is a busy one remote linking could result in their bandwidth being used at an alarming rate.

You'll need to upgrade to their paid service before you can remotely link to images, and even then you'll be subject to bandwidth limits. Be very careful about this business of remote linking - depending on your hosting package all web hosts will charge you for bandwidth consumption in excess of the package limit, and it can end up costing you a fair bit.

How many images are involved in this - what's the combined file size?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 23:29 03 Feb 2006

I don't really want to pay for the hosting, I'd rather ave the email without the images.

Do you think there is a free way of doing this?

I have a folder on my PC containing all the images the size of this folder is 893kb but it also contains some tcl files so the total size of images would be a bit smaller than that.

here they are: click here

Baically,I have a tcl program which contains a variable for each image. It also has a variable for the server and flder on the server. It then appends the image name variable to the server variable to link to the image.

So the site I have linked to here is no good as I can't link to individual images, just the gallery.

Thanks for the help

  Forum Editor 09:18 04 Feb 2006

from your own computer - let that be the server?

  tasslehoff burrfoot 09:26 04 Feb 2006

says it would cost too much in electricity to have it on all the time.

The email is set to go a 9am everyday, so I have thought of something along the lines of scheduled tasks to get the PC to boot at 8.55 and shutdown at 9.05 but not sure how to do that.

One for the helproom I suppose...

  tasslehoff burrfoot 09:37 04 Feb 2006

that won't work because the machine will need to be on for the links to work :(

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:24 04 Feb 2006

I'm going to resolve this. I have acquired some free web space from heart internet and have bought a domain name, so I will use that as a solution.

Thanks for the help

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