Brand new laptop cuts out on startup - advice?

  sollochs 11:11 26 Aug 2014

My Lenovo z50-70 laptop is less than a week old, and every time I switch it on, it's fine, it gets to the start screen, but if I push any key on the keyboard, like the volume, brightness or enter key, it cuts out like the power was cut. So it's the first key I press after switching it on. Then I just switch it back on and everything is fine, no error messages or anything like that. It happens every time I switch it on. What's happening? Should I return it?

  spuds 11:21 26 Aug 2014

What operating system does the laptop use, possibly W8 or W7?.

Wait for other replies, but I would certainly keep in mind about informing the place your bought the item from. They might have a solution or offer further advice?.

  wee eddie 11:23 26 Aug 2014

I would be tempted to:

Firstly: eMail (& then phone) the people you bought it from, tell them of the problem, get them to acknowledge that it exists and ask if they have a simple solution or if it is acceptable to contact Lenovo direct.

Secondly: eMail a copy of that eMail to Lenovo, and then contact their Help Line on the phone.

I am sure that someone here will have a solution but, if Lenovo have suggested a solution and it is not successful, you have covered your *.

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