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brand new custom gaming Pc wont boot or post!!

  orcadimus 13:04 01 Apr 2019

Hi everyone, my brand new gaming pc isnt working after i just built it and there is no video out put and the EZ debug led indicators are showing red on both CPU and DRAM. My system specs are Ryzen 1500x GTX 1660Ti Msi Gaming Pro Carbon X370 Geil super luce rgb ram (16gb (2x8gb) @ 2400mhz) 500w cooler master power supply i have already tried reseating the cpu installing the ram into different slots cleared the cmos removed all unnecessary components please help :O

  orcadimus 13:14 01 Apr 2019

also all of the case fans and rgb is lighting up fine except the motherboard's rgb

  Bris 15:35 02 Apr 2019

Silly question maybe but have you connected the 8 pin power connector, also checked that the ram is compatible?

  qwbos 01:07 03 Apr 2019

Is this any help?

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