Brand new base unit

  boon_intheuk 22:04 24 Sep 2003

OK, I just bought a new base unit, the man in the shop said i just had to install Windows on it so I formatted the harddrive but could not remember how to partition it. Trusting to luck rather than knowledge I proceeded to install Win ME, all went well and once the OS started I proceeded to install the drivers for all the onboard sound, graphics and also modem, this is when it started going wrong. Every time I had a driver install or application open within a couple of minutes the system hangs or I would get an error message or a blue screen, meaning I had to close the application or restart the PC. Can you install an OS if the harddisk is not partitioned? and might this be causing the problems I am having?
Also I installed the drivers I mentioned individually before discovering that on the motherboard disk there was a program for installing them all in one go, could this be causing problems?
I would be grateful for any help or advice, Boon.

Motherboard is an ASROCK M810LMR
1300 Mhz Duron CPU
40 Gig HDD

  harry_b 22:13 24 Sep 2003

If you have formatted the drive then it is already partitioned, try reinstalling the m/b drivers using the cd install utility, if your problems persist then take the pc back to the shop, the asrock boards are not very good (opinion) and yours may be faulty.

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