Brains required..... Access conversion

  simonbedwell 14:15 04 Sep 2003

Is there any software that will convert access 2 to access 2002?
I have tried to convert in stages up to Windows 97, but it fails to work. Microsoft cannot help, but maybe there is a way to convert using third party software.
Please only reply if you are confident of a solution.
Simon Bedwell.

  BigMoFoT 15:23 04 Sep 2003

Wow I don't envy you - It depends on what exactly you want to transfer, if you want all the forms (I'm presuming there are forms) then due to the difference in the VBA versions and functionality I doubt very much that they will work. If you just want the data from the tables then you could use the linked table manager to transfer the data or export it to an excel spreadsheet and then import it from there..

No offence to the guys in here but a good online programming forum is click here

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