braille keyboards

  harps1h 07:43 07 Feb 2005

i need to find a supplier of a 102/104 key keyboard that has the braille embossed on each individual key. i can find the normal braille keyboards ok, but i need one set out like a qwerty. can anyone help?

Harps1h :-(

  goonerbill © ® 07:47 07 Feb 2005

found this click here

  goonerbill © ® 08:02 07 Feb 2005

sorry. link is to U.S. braille keyboard not U.K. most links i could find was for U.S. products.

did find this click here scroll down the page, braille keyboard stickers

  goonerbill © ® 23:26 07 Feb 2005


  Colinp 23:35 07 Feb 2005

My daughter goes to the West of England school for children with little or no sight in Exeter, I will try to remember to ask them what they use when I go in next if this is of use

  harps1h 22:31 08 Feb 2005

thank you for that. i need to hand it in next week. as a mature student i appreciate all help offered and given


  Colinp 20:50 10 Feb 2005

OK. I been into the school today and explained what was required. They looked blankly at me. They have never heard of such a thing, and why would one want one. They did suggest trying Dynotape?, that plastic sticky tape about 3/8" wide that you you emboss letters onto and is used for labeling and sticking them onto the keys. The only other thing that i can think of is to get in touch with the RNIB and see what they come up with.
Sorry I can't be of more help

  Colinp 20:52 10 Feb 2005

I've just noticed goonerbill © ®'s last post. You may need to go that route. It looks better than the Dynotape way

  harps1h 20:59 10 Feb 2005

thanks again for that i have seen it on an american site but they do not seem to be available here. sorry about the blank looks.

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