bProtectioForWindows has appeared on my PC

  1933 14:26 07 Jul 2012

Over the past week or so I have found a program folder that I have not loaded. It is bProtectionForWindows. Has anyone any idea where this has come from and what it does?

  lotvic 15:07 07 Jul 2012

Does any of this look familiar? Screenshots and Removal (from BeepingComputer)

Windows Background Protector is a fake rogue anti-spyware program

  rdave13 15:09 07 Jul 2012

Have a look here. It's suggested to run Free Malwarebytes in normal and safe mode.

  rdave13 15:12 07 Jul 2012

Follow lotvic's link. Much more thorough.

  lotvic 15:19 07 Jul 2012

rdave13, we are in tandem again :)

  rdave13 15:21 07 Jul 2012

lotvic , it's happening quite often lol. Now to cut the grass while we have 5 mins of dry weather.

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