in-box spellchecker (right-click) freeware

  Qmar 06:18 29 Nov 2003

ieSpell - A Spell Checker for Internet Explorer

click here

'nice one' methinks (f.w.i.worf.)

  Valvegrid 07:15 29 Nov 2003

For those not running IE, this one is available:

click here

  john-232317 07:26 29 Nov 2003

fanks mate, wil dahnlode it in a minit an chek it arht, jist wot i neded cheers. ;-)John

  Valvegrid 07:33 29 Nov 2003

Did you konw it deosn't mttaer waht odrer the wrods are in you can sitll undretsand it porivded the frist and lsat ltetres are in palce?


  john-232317 07:33 29 Nov 2003

Thanks mate, Will download it in a minute an check it out, just wot i needed cheers. ;-)John

Works a treat, struggled with fanks though, also jumped past

  john-232317 07:35 29 Nov 2003

Funny that, but its right. :-)

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