Bouncing Emails back..

  Hunky 10:52 11 Sep 2004

Anyone know a way to set IE to bounce Emails back to certain people ( 3 )? It would be handy if I could also read them without them ever knowing. Thanks in advance.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:54 11 Sep 2004

Mailwasher will do it... but why bother?

I don't think that IE (do you mean OE?) can do it.

  dth 11:09 11 Sep 2004

MS isn't very good at including this type of facility within Email clients (unlike say
Linux with Kmail).

A free program Mailwasher will allow you to
read the emails and then send a bounce message showing that it was not possible to deliver the email to you.

You can download this at:-

click here

But as Diodorus Siculus points out - why bother!

  end 11:30 11 Sep 2004

as above, Mailwasher will do it; I was persuaded to use it by another forum member; works a treat:)

  Hunky 11:31 11 Sep 2004

1/. I have no idea what mailwasher is, or how to set it up.
2/. I have to leave my PC at work set to Internet choice there. Also I must let all Emails through for business purposes...BUT there are three 'friends' who I gave my work Email address to. They keep sending mail to that address thinking that I have as much free time as they have at work...not the case though.Some days I have the boss sitting right next to me & he has made it quite clear to me several times, no private mail.I like my job,& the boss is OK too, I must admit.I just want to bounce Emails from these three back, so that they can see it's not possible for them to reach me at work, even though I would like to read their mail without them knowing but that's only a minor thing.It's not possible to change my address as it appears on stationary etc.Thanks again.

  spuds 11:45 11 Sep 2004

In a case like this, I would have a serious talk with your 'friends' and explain that their activities could jepodise your job.

Would your boss agree or approve of any unauthorised programmes being installed on company equipment!.

Mailwasher is a very good programme, but it needs some thought on the correct procedures for setting up.

  Hunky 11:58 11 Sep 2004

My boss would probably agree with something like mailwasher...He is understanding.However I have just downloaded it, but found it's a 30 day trial version...MailWasher pro 4.1. I'm on my own PC at home now..Looks like what I need,any freebies? Thanks again.

  VoG II 12:02 11 Sep 2004
  Hunky 12:17 11 Sep 2004

Now that seems to be the job VoG.I wonder if it's possible to send the Emails to another address of mine, & reading them later, before bouncing them back?..OR is that putting jam on it.Either way my problem seems to be solved.Keep up the good work..I usually like to drop in now & then.Thanks.

  end 12:19 11 Sep 2004

and, as you call them "friends"..??are they, if they are doing this:(

and do they work in the world of business with "company" or "work" computers, as if so they must be under protocols themselves for the use of e mails; I am in my medical environment, and the "management" and I.T people know EXACTLY what and when we are doing things, and can and will censure us if misuse is happening:)

I don't use OE, but surely you could set up a rule to re-direct the mail from your 'friends' to your home email address.

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