Bought wireless router - lost internet

  uncle fungus 19:08 08 Mar 2010

Hi, I wonder if you can help?

My house has an NTL/Virgin cable modem which runs the TV and the broadband for the PC
I have bought a Pluscom g 54m wireless router in order to connect a Playstation 3 wirelessly in another room.
As per the router instructions, i connected the cable from the modem to the new router and connected the router to the PC.
The correct lights come on the router to say its working properly and the Playstation 3 can view the router wirelessly.
However neither the PC or the PS3 will connect to the internet. I had not set up any security passwords at this point so am at a loss as to why it wont work.
Any advice?
Many thanks,

  SJM_81 20:29 08 Mar 2010

Cna you copy and paste the results of this here.

Start> run> cmd> ipconfig/all and paste the results if you would.

  mgmcc 20:40 08 Mar 2010

Normally, when swapping a connection to a Cable Modem, it is necessary to power off the modem for several minutes so that it loses the association between the existing connection (recognised by the adapter's MAC address) and the IP address it has allocated to it.

When powered on again, a new connection will be recognised and a different IP address allocated to it. You should then have internet access.

  uncle fungus 20:12 09 Mar 2010

mgmcc - tried unplugging the modem for half an hour, but still no internet connection when it was switched back on.

SJM_81 - here is the info that appeared after entering ipconfig/all

Windows IP Configuration
Host Name: TMS-XP-Home
Primary Dns Suffix:
Node Type: Unknown
IP Routing Enabled: No
Wins Proxy Enabled: No

Ethernet adapter Local Area Network
Description: Generic Marvellyukon88E8039PCI-E

Fast Ethernet Controller
Physical Address: 00-18-37-04-F1-95
Dncp Enabled: Yes
Autoconfig: Yes
Subnet Mask:
Default Gateway:
Dhcp Server:
Dns Servers:
Lease Obtained 09 Mar 2010 19:47:27
Lease Expired 09 Mar 2010 21:47:27

Many thanks,


  uncle fungus 06:23 12 Mar 2010

Can anyone help? Pleeeeese!

  mgmcc 08:14 12 Mar 2010

Presumably the PC connects OK when wired directly to the Cable Modem by ethernet cable, so try this:

Power off the Cable Modem and disconnect the ethernet cable between PC and Modem.

Connect the PC to one of the Router's LAN ports, power on the Router [BUT NOT THE CABLE MODEM] and go into its configuration pages by typing its IP address of into your web browser.

Within its settings there should be an option to "Clone" the PC's MAC address, select that option which should change the router's WAN MAC address to that of the PC's ethernet adapter - it is 00-18-37-04-F1-95 from the IPCONFIG details.

Now connect an ethernet cable between the Router and the Cable Modem and power on the Modem. Because the Router now has the same MAC address as the PC, it should be seen as the same connection and you should have internet access.

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