bought an old computer with no disc drive - net?

  jennypenny 09:02 02 Oct 2009

my sons school are moving to new premises and getting new computers so selling old ones for £50 with the option of returning them within 3 weeks if no good. We've got one for my mum who's never used one before. only prob is no disc drive. i can see you can buy portable plug in ones but thats gonna double the cost of computer. How else can we load internet for her? Can it be done with a memory stick?

  woodchip 09:10 02 Oct 2009

By Disc Drive, I think you mean they removed the Hard rive for Security Purposes. a Hard Drive is cheap enough but a Operating System is not. If you posted what Specifications PC is then could recommend OS to put on the drive. Linux is a Free OS and can be run From a CD so you could try the PC without buying anything. Linux Live CD list you create a ISO image using the Download you choose to a CD then just boot the computer with the CD,

  woodchip 09:10 02 Oct 2009

Sorry click here

  woodchip 09:15 02 Oct 2009

If you have NERO on your Computer that will allow you to create a ISO Image to a CD with the Download

  sharpamat 09:22 02 Oct 2009

As woodchip as requested please post details of this computer. Because your Mums never had one before she will need something your son can help her with.

The O/S is a must, as is the modem to connect to the internet.

If it is the hard drive thats missing then it will mean you have a non working computer. that you cannot even know whats in it.Becaue you wont be able to boot it up.

This may become a £50 Doorstop

  ventanas 09:30 02 Oct 2009

I would very quickly take advantage of the return option. I doubt if the thing is worth 50p never mind £50.
Once you've bought a hard drive (and I cannot see why they have removed it, there are other ways) you will then need an operating system as Woodchip has said.
What you get depends on what the spec is, but older versions of Windows (especially XP) are now very hard to come by. You will also need drivers for all the bits of hardware in it, and if these are old they may be hard to come by as well.
If this machine was supplied to the school with an OEM copy of windows, then they are legally bound to pass that to you when they sold the machine, but they may have all been suppled with a global licence which leaves you having to supply your own OS.
My advice, as above - get rid of it.

  Technotiger 09:32 02 Oct 2009

I would advise you to return it within the three weeks.

If you look around your local area for working second-hand computers you will probably find one for £50 or less - I bought one recently at a local boot-sale for £25, complete with Genuine XP Home (with Certificate), excellent keyboard and optical mouse. In perfect working order.

  jack 10:05 02 Oct 2009

Who ever authorized this disposal must be a somewhat over enthusiastic individual-
All what has been said applies.

  Sea Urchin 11:48 02 Oct 2009

Reading the original question I would think that jennypenny is talking about a disk drive - not the hard drive. She refers to a flash drive as an alternative.

We need her to report back as to just what she does mean.

  jennypenny 12:19 02 Oct 2009

Hello everyone thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply. It is just the disc drive and not the hard drive. hubby has tried computer and seems to be working fine but nowhere to put a disc to load internet. Have rung school for advice but not rung back yet. We only got it on weds so loads of time to take back if its a non starter!

  ventanas 12:27 02 Oct 2009

Ahh! I see. Is there a blank bar at the front where a CD drive would go? If so you could pick one up for next to nothing these days.
Alternative is an external drive, but more expensive.
First make sure that the cables for an internal drive are there.

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