bought dvd-r for patches

  flopsy88 12:55 30 Jul 2009

My son bought a dvd-r for patches (2008-2009) for football manager. It will not work on his pc but works on my laptop. I cannot get it to work for him. So I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you

  Sea Urchin 12:57 30 Jul 2009

It would help if you could say just what happens when you try to get it work on his PC. Also his Operating System (XP or Visa etc)

  flopsy88 13:06 30 Jul 2009

sorry!! he has windows xp and I have vista. I have to access the dvd from his computer as it will not run when inserted into dvd slot. When I click on it to open it says please insert disc.

  T0SH 13:45 30 Jul 2009

Google for download and install the "Nero Info Tool" run it on the opening page it will show you the media types your optical drives can read

Cheers HC

  Sea Urchin 13:50 30 Jul 2009

I assume other DVDs auto-start on his system? When you insert the disk into the drive does it show as being loaded when you look in My Computer?

  Stuartli 14:11 30 Jul 2009

Silly question, but he does have a DVD-ROM or DVD writer installed on his system?

  flopsy88 14:15 30 Jul 2009

Hi Sea Urchin, Thank you for replying, yes his dvd's work fine,and you are right it shows as loaded, but tells me to load disc into drive.
Thank you TOSH for replying as well. I appreciate it Lori

  flopsy88 14:21 30 Jul 2009

Hi Stuarti, it is not a silly question,but I do not know what it does. All I know is he plays dvd's on it and games on his cd drive,

  The Old Mod 14:33 30 Jul 2009

Sounds like he has a DVD-Rom in the PC and not a DVD-Writer.

  flopsy88 14:47 30 Jul 2009

That could be right old mod, but surely it should work as he does not want to burn it he only wants to get patches off it. Or I am being stupid.

  Sea Urchin 14:50 30 Jul 2009

As you say - whether the drive can write to DVDs is not relevant - you're only wanting to read.

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