Bottleneck ?

  Flopper 10:25 28 Nov 2003

I have a P3600EB 133fsb chip, 256mb SDram and a GainWard GeForce 4 mx440 128 mb graphics card which plays Call Of Duty in glorious colour at a decent speed and seemed to play Wolfenstein in a similar mode during a brief test.
However, when playing MOH:Breakthrough, although graphically nice, when I am in a scene where the action is intense and in the desert, for example, the game 'stutters'.
Is MOH more demanding than similar games, or do I have a bottleneck ?
I am upgrading to a P3 1GHZ chip shortly, will this help ?

  Diodorus Siculus 10:32 28 Nov 2003

Yes, the P3 1GH will make an improvment; couple it with another 256mb RAM and you should see a vast improvement.

Having said that, I know nothing of games so it may well be a case of MOH (Medal of Honour?) needing more resources....

  Flopper 11:20 28 Nov 2003

I will try the chip and throw in the extra memory and see what happens.

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