Bother upgrading?

  Slithe 11:42 25 May 2005

Hi -I recently purchased a HP Pavilion PC and would appreciate some opinions on whether I should upgrade:

Current Specs:
HD - 70GB
OS - Win XP
RAM - 512 MB
PROCESSOR: Celeron 2.67 GHZ
GRAPHICS: Radeon 7000 64MB

I am starting university this year and have the cash for upgrades, my last PC lasted 8 years before replacement, I am proposing the following upgrades:

Second Hard Drive: 80GB
RAM Upgrade 1GB (1024MB)- max supported

Also - I can't find where I would be able to put in a new HD. When the case is opened - the current HD is on a single shelf on its own, there is no cage like in my last PC for another. Is it going to be difficult to do the HD upgrade?


  Noelg23 11:49 25 May 2005

when a PC has been built by the likes of HP and Dell it is very difficult to get an upgrade to do yourself, if there is only room for one hard drive then your stuck and your only option is to take the system back to HP who will charge you a fair amount to do the upgrade cos they say if you open the case you void the warranty which I think is crap cos if anyone wanted to upgrade their machine made by HP/Dell, etc then they should be allowed to without paying over the odds for them to do it. So either find a way to do it or you really are stuck for big is the case the way?

  Slithe 11:58 25 May 2005

The PC is a standard tower approx. 1000mm x 500mm x 250mm

There is space:

a) For another optical drive - which I don't want as the DVD-RW takes care of.

b) To remove the redundant floppy drive - still there, occasionally use it for old software/docs

c) A spare slot for a memory card reader

However, I can vaguely recall reading in the original documentation that for 'certain models' HP have to be contacted in order to sell you the cage needed.

Is there another way of adding a second HD drive?

  PUNKA 12:10 25 May 2005

An external drive is an option, some quite cheap and most are plug and play !

  gudgulf 12:15 25 May 2005

YES......use an external hard drive.This would probably be a better option as it can be kept seperately so that if anything happens to the main tower your system and document backups etc are still here reasonable price too(I just got a 250GB external drive from ALDI for £100).

Other things to consider...upping the ram to 1GB is a good idea and ditching the Celeron in favour of a P4 cpu would make a very noticable difference.

Lastly a better graphics card would enable you to while away those hours of leisure time at uni by playing a game or two.

  Aspman 12:28 25 May 2005

You could add the HD inside a caddy that would fit in the 5" bay. Probably cheaper than an external drive. IT would still be removable.

Here is a selection from but search around for the same thing. Ebay would be worth a look too.

click here

You might not need the ram upgrade but it will depend on what your are doing.

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