Both DVD Drives failing to read discs.

  User-C6A0FFAD-9797-4DE1-AC63FE398C591D2D 18:13 02 Feb 2005

I have a Sony DVD ROM drive and a NEC DVD RW. Until today they both worked fine now, however, they are both giving the same problem.

In windows explorer the drives are shown as DVD drives until I put in a disc when its description changes to CD drive (whether its a CD or DVD that has been inserted).

Double clicking to open the disc results in the error message "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with Windows"

Other software also fails to acknowledge the disc and its contents. Sonic RecordNow, however, will read and copy a CD but neither original nor copy will subsequently play in the PC.

I have run Spybot, Adaware and Norton Antivirus; done a full system check with Norton and tried disabling everything I could but to no avail.

I am running XP Professional with SP1. Any help would be most gratefully received.

  billbod 18:35 02 Feb 2005

Try this control panel>system>device manager>IDE ata atapi controllers click on primary and uninstall and secondary uninstall upon reboot windows will find new hardware and re install the drivers for you hope this helps

Ta but no joy! I have just tried it but unfortunately it did not work. This is so frustrating because I am sure that it must be something trivial that has caused it.

  PA28 19:31 02 Feb 2005

System restore?

Tried that. On reboot each time I get a message that system restore was unable to complete its actions. I have tried several dates all to no avail.

Anyone please? I am seriously thinking about taking the cowards way out and just reformatting the hard drive.

I have tried everything that I can think of including uninstalling Windows updates etc but nothing changes.

  Glyn-252301 00:18 03 Feb 2005

Put a disk in cdrom, go to Device manager\cdrom\properties\volumes, and click on Populate. Had a similar problem on my daughters machine and that was and still is only way to use it.
Hopefully this may mean something to one off the members.
regards G.

  PA28 09:23 03 Feb 2005

I'm sure that you've checked the IDE cable is OK. Might be worth disconnecting and reconnecting and perhaps swapping the drives around (assuming they're on IDE2). Sorry, this suggestion is in desperation of other ideas to try - I would have thought that reinstalling the controllers would have done it. It's obviously something specific to that IDE.

I have tried youknowim's method and was able to play a music cd with media player. The drive is still showing as a cd drive when a disc is inserted though. A data drive will not be read by explorer.

I have been racking my brains to think of what may have happened to cause it and eureka have finally remembered that the last time I had needed to use the drive was Monday and as windows was shutting down we had a power cut!!

Is it possible that some files may have been corrupted and need deleting/replacing? If this is the case can anyone advise me as to what I need to do.

Apologies for not remembering earlier and thanks for the help given so far.

Just an update. Both drives work ok in safe mode. Although they are shown in explorer as cd drives they do read dvds which does at least mean that it is not the drives or drivers that are at fault.

Whatever it is I just can't fathom it out. Can anyone advise me on how to load items bit by bit to see what is causing the conflict?

  joethebow 23:05 03 Feb 2005

Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?

Go to Start, Control Panel,Syatem, Hardware, Device Manager, CD/DVD ROM DRIVES.

Click on one of the drives then Driver then Update Driver.

Next do the same for the other drive.

You never know, It may work.

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