Both computers won't connect at the same time

  Rhuddlan 15:46 24 Jul 2004

I have a Win xp desktop and an IBM laptop with win 98, both have the same internet connection and settings for Freeserve Anytime and I want them both connected at the same time, but one only connects at a time, when the xp machine is connected, the laptop says that there is not dial tone, the modem is configured properly and installed, and works fine when the net is not on the xp machine, but the xp machine can't dial out when the 98 laptop is connected, is there a way of having both connected at the same time, to stop all the aurguing in my house about who has first go on the net today!!!

  johnnyrocker 15:50 24 Jul 2004

try using ics via the xp machine?


  Rhuddlan 15:54 24 Jul 2004

I assume that ICS is Internet Connection Sharing, so when I have set it up via ics on the xp machine, it should work, i mean the 2 comps will be able to be connected to the net at the same time on the same connection, sorry about this, first time I have had 2 computers, thanks for the help, Rhuddlan.

  roy 15:58 24 Jul 2004

First you must make a home network between the two machines and then as johnnyrocker says above set up ics (internet connection sharing) with the network wizard.

  norman47 16:12 24 Jul 2004

No they will not connect simultaneously. As soon as one connects, the phone line is then busy, so the second modem can not connect.

Good to see that freeserve will allow the laptop to connect to the internet.
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Your best would be the nic cards and cross over cable I mentioned.

  woodchip 16:21 24 Jul 2004

If you have only one Analog phone line even if you have 100 phones you can only dial one person at once, a modem is no different, unless they are networked together. but then if both use the modems on each computer the line for each effective only carries half the bandwidth so slowdown on surfing. If you want to use both you need to network and go Broad Band

  Rhuddlan 19:25 24 Jul 2004

I do only have one phone line, have updated the win 98 laptop, installed ad aware and spybot and found loads of naties around my system, have got tid of them and also got zonealarm and avg, spywareblaster 3.2 and msn messenger 6.2 don't seem to work, after installation and a restart an error message appears saying something about a dll file not being found, have installed these programs 3 times now, but still the same error message appears!!! Any ideas? I think I will forget the home network, i thought I could have the net on the 2 comps without having any extra wires to add to the already very messie sitting room thanks to all the other wires, so I will use the laptop in the office at night and all other users and at all other times I will use the win xp machine, thanks for the help and info everyone, be very grateful too if someone could help me with the new problem regarding the laptop with spywareblaster and msn, Regards, Rhuddlan.

  norman47 20:37 24 Jul 2004

Can you post what dll is missing. You can find them on the web and deposit them in my computer \ windows \ system32. This should stop the error message at least.

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