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  [DELETED] 15:23 10 Aug 2003

The Gateway Windows Me system (2002)seems to have developed a fault all of a sudden in that the sound has gone(from Windows Starting onwards), with the following message:
"This system cannot play sound". The volume controls and mute buttons (unchecked) are all there, and the only two connectiion leads from the Boston tower are in place (One from 12v in AC-DC adaptor to the mains, and the other lead from Digital In to the main base tower green socket). Took a look at the sound files (.wav) and got none the wiser.

  [DELETED] 15:54 10 Aug 2003

As long as you are sure that all connections are as they were before it happened,this may be due to adding some software of late.

Try the following to repair.Remember you may lose some newer files or software programs if they were load when problem started.

Running ScanReg

With WindowsME, you can open a DOS window to run scanreg, at the blinking cusor type scanreg /restore, or scanreg /opt
You will be prompted to do a reboot - answer Yes(Y) as your computer must restart to finish
Before this was only available when booting straight to DOS.

  [DELETED] 18:09 11 Aug 2003

Many thanks.

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