Borland Paradox 5 for Windows

  Mr. Chips 15:26 15 Jul 2003

Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the above database software. The treasurer of our local club has recently died, leaving a database we can't manage. I need a copy of the application to try and read into Access. Can anyone help or advise me please?

  stlucia 16:00 15 Jul 2003

Borland databases used to be interchangeable with dBASE ones. You could try that if Paradox 5 is not available.

  Chegs ® 17:03 15 Jul 2003
  Mr. Chips 07:41 16 Jul 2003

For some reason, I can't read the Borland files into either Dbase or Access (using the file import processes).

  stlucia 08:40 16 Jul 2003

Hmm... After I posted my response yesterday I checked the dBASE blurb and it says words to the effect that it is completely compatible with Paradox files.

In the past I haven't had to "import" Borland files, I just "open" them using dBASE. With Access, "import" is probably the correct process because its file format is completely different.

  Mr. Chips 09:28 16 Jul 2003

OK Thanks. I will get a newer version of dBASE and see what happens then .... thanks for your time. I will let you know how I get on.

  justme 20:47 17 Jul 2003

I have searched through all the ancient magazine cds which have I have collected over the years and found a copy of Paradox 7 ( as far as I know there was not a paradox 6 for some reason or other).

Using this version you should be able to import files from version 5 and then export them again to a selection of database formats (including dbase III+, dbase IV and dbase 5).

Reading the help files for this version gives the instructions on how to export files. Select FILE EXPORT and then supply the name and type of file you want it to export to. There is just a chance that version 5 uses the same menu structure.

If you want the cd then contact me by e-mail with your details and I will post it to you, or I will attempt to export them for you if you prefer and the data is not too confidential.

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