Borland C++ for DOS

  Esc4p3 21:08 17 Mar 2008

Now, this is a really daft question but I will ask it anyway. I was having a clear-out of my cupboards, and came across a complete boxed set of the above, even with both three and a half inch floppy and five and a quarter inch floppy.

I assume software this old is fit for the scrap heap? ..... I have a number of old DOS games that are equally naf?

  johndrew 14:15 18 Mar 2008

If it`s complete you could try a museum or offer the lot to a collector - such things do have collectors.

  Esc4p3 14:34 18 Mar 2008

Yeah, it is complete, I wondered if it was collectable. I am in the middle of have a big clearout, and seem to have already amassed about £500 worth of old toys that I could of chucked in the bin, so may have to do some more research.....

  amonra 14:38 18 Mar 2008

Try sticking it on EBay..........

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