Boreland c++ Builder

  AngeTheHippy 11:06 02 Jan 2004

Anyone used this s/w ? How did you find it? what did you use it for?


  short-circuit 20:59 02 Jan 2004

I used it to teach myself to program in C++. This programming language needs a compiler in order to make the programs run. The version I have has a licence which only allows you to build applications for your own use. You can't distribute them or sell them.

What did you want to use it for? Are you talking about C++ builder or C#builder?

  short-circuit 21:08 02 Jan 2004

I got my copy from a cover CD on a magazine.

  short-circuit 21:16 02 Jan 2004
  toxin 22:27 02 Jan 2004

Hi AngeTheHippy!

I've used C++ builder to develop a database for my audio collection, with fields for Tune title, racording artist, orchestra,composer,record date, duration,location etc.

Searchcan be accomplished using any field, or multiple fields.

It took some time to develop, but it was interesting and absorbing to learn to program in C++, after many years of basic on an Atari!!

Now of course there is WMPlayer, and it's database does much the same.

  AngeTheHippy 18:16 05 Jan 2004

Someone suggested I use (specifically) Borland C++ Builder v.6.0 Enterprise if I want to learn how to program. Apparently, it takes you through step-by-step. But Toxin, wouldn't it be easier to use something like MS Access if you wanted to build a database? I don't use Access now, but did do when I was working, although someone else built that particular database.


  toxin 20:36 05 Jan 2004

Hi Ange!

In answer to your 18.16 post maybe it would have been easier to use access, but I wanted a worthwhile project to develop as I learnt C++.

My first display lists either my CDs, Minidiscs, or audio tapes.

Clicking on the title of any, brings up the track index, clicking on the track displays all the relevant details; clicking on any detail sends it to a search engine which will then display details of any file in the collection which has an item to match the search criteria.

I don't think Access would allow this versatility.

Anyway good luck with your programming, it's time consuming and often very frustrating, but stick with it!


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