bootvis what is a respectable boot up time???

  toni b 23:38 28 Aug 2003

I am using bootvis and I am just curious on what a respectable boot up time is for xp pro ,I also have 768MB ram and am using 1.5 P4 M can some one give me a guestimate please

thanks Toni

  JoeC 08:03 29 Aug 2003

and with Win XP my boot time from switch on to useable desktop dropped to 24 seconds ( used to take 34 seconds )

  toni b 03:18 30 Aug 2003

my boot up time is 42 seconds I am using a laptop with 768 ram with mobile 1.5 cpu p4,how can i reduce boot up time.It states that my "disk write caching is disabled"if i can enable it will it improve boot up time?and if do how do i enable disk caching please

regards Toni

  y_not 07:31 30 Aug 2003

You complain at 42 seconds!!!!

Booting Win2k, 1200 Duron, 756Mb RAM takes over 2 minutes 30 seconds (that does include two programmes in the startup folder) but once running its fine.

Because of the slow boot time I only boot once per day (unless something goes wrong which is very unusual) so the machine sits there waiting till its needed.

  powerless 18:57 30 Aug 2003
  hugh-265156 19:50 30 Aug 2003

about 25-30 secs is what to aim for.

to cut down on the amount of programs running automaticaly at start up,click start then click run and type msconfig,click ok

click the start up tab and untick everything except your firewall and here for reference.if it causes and problems do the above again and put the ticks back.

restart windows and tick the do not show again box when the warning clear out any junk on your hard drive via add remove a disc cleanup,disk check and defrag then run bootvis.

  toni b 15:04 31 Aug 2003

I tried all of what Huggyg suggested but my final result was 74.2 seconds not what I expected.Ok thanks for the advice, p.s I have norton utilities defrag programme is this better than MS defrag in windows xp

thanks Toni

  -pops- 15:14 31 Aug 2003

Boot up times don't bother me.

Like y_not I boot once a day early in the morning. I switch everything on and then go an make a cuppa. By the time I get back its all ready for me to log in and away we go.


  ///A M G 08:05 26 Jan 2005

Thank for the reply's, I have a P4 2.8 GHZ with 512mb of DDR mem, im used to the computer loading in about 17 secs. and logging on into account with all system tray's icons loaded in about 4 secs.

I will send you a screen shot of what is running....

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