Bootvis Problem

  s99Raj 18:26 24 Aug 2003

When using BootVis I go to Trace/Next Boot and get this error message :

To collect traces, the folder C:\Program Files must have write permissions.

I try to uncheck the Read Only box but it gets checked again automatically.

Anyone any ideas?

  Fateful Shadow 18:29 24 Aug 2003

Put it on your desktop. Then run it

  Fateful Shadow 18:30 24 Aug 2003

You can also put it into C:\Documents and settings\x where 'x' is your user name.

Hope these two help :)

  s99Raj 18:31 24 Aug 2003

I tried that - same problem.

What difference would it make anyway?

  s99Raj 18:33 24 Aug 2003


It worked !

  Fateful Shadow 18:36 24 Aug 2003

When I tried that on my laptop it was ok. Maybe someone else knows.

My suggestions never work. I think i'm jinxed :P

  Fateful Shadow 18:39 24 Aug 2003

Ok.....I need to refresh my pages more often :)

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