Bootup sssssooooooooo slow!!!!!

  Thomo1 22:35 26 Jan 2005

All of a sudden my machine is taking an eternity to boot up!!!!!!

Before it would boot immedialty.

Now it hangs on the "welcome" screen, hangs on the desktop before my icons and system tray appears, it feels like an age!!!!!

I have 6 items loading at start-up which ive always had. (msconfig)

Running XP Pro, Pent 4 512ram, 40gb HD, 1500mhz.

Currently my HD is 20% full.

Any help/ideas welcome.


  ACOLYTE 22:36 26 Jan 2005

Defrag,and a spyware scan may help.

  stalion 22:37 26 Jan 2005

Have you done a virus and adware scan?

  €dstowe 22:37 26 Jan 2005

Have a look in the Event Viewer to see if there is an explanation there. It may be that your hard drive is taking a long time to become fully operational or it could be on its way out.

  VoG II 22:38 26 Jan 2005
  Completealias 22:38 26 Jan 2005

Have you just put service pack 2 on? Only ask as if you have boot up seems to take alot longer with service pack its because there are alot more background services that loadup at startup

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:39 26 Jan 2005

Run ccleaner and regseeker and a full scan using the new microsoft spyware cleaner. A virus can also prevent normal booting.


  Chezdez 22:44 26 Jan 2005

for this, i will have to prescribe firstly, a dose of spybot and adaware

click here

click here

next, clean your system throughly, run disk clean up

start > all programs > accessories > system tools > disk clean up

run a virus scan

finally, a bit of exercise never did anyone any harm, so defrag and scan disk

defrar is same as clean up, but click defragmetor and not disk clean!!

scan disk - right click your C: drive in my computer > properties > tools > scan disk

check both of the tick boxes, and the windows say it can't scan disk, but asks for it to be scheduled for the next time the comp is started, allow this, and then restart. let the scan disk run

repeat the spybot/ adawre routine weekly, defrag fortnightly, and scan disk every couple of months

symptons should clear up immediately, and the continued routine should keep your system fit and healthy :D

  Chezdez 22:45 26 Jan 2005

i'm gonna save that, for everytime we get this problem, make it much quicker!

  stalion 22:47 26 Jan 2005

may not be relevant many problems though similar have a different solution

  Thomo1 22:50 26 Jan 2005

alrite lads slow down!!! lol

I virus scan with Norton every other day.

Spysweeper and a2 run every morning.

Use CCleaner every night i log off the net.

Ran Regseeker last week and let it delete a load of stuff. Maybe this the cause???

I very rarely shut the computer down i normally leave it on!!

Ill have a defrag but im sure it wont take long as i only formatted HD 2 months ago!!

Edstowe - what am i looking for in Event viewer???

Completealias - no had sp2 on since i re-formatted ans in-stalled at the back end of November!!!

Any more suggestions??

I have a good mind just to restore to the day i reformatted and save my software to disk!! (only want norton,spysweeper and my BB, saying that ive got disks for all of these!!)
The rest i can re-download again.

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