Bootup problems after Windows Update

  Sugar Junkie 13:39 31 Jul 2004

Yesterday (30th July) I was notified of a new update for Windows XP Home and let it download and install. Unfortunately I didn't make a note of which update it was. It installed and restarted my system but on restarting it wouldn't open windows properly. It reached the blue "windows is now loading" screen and stopped. I left it several minutes and eventually after about 10 min it let me log in and started to give me the desktop but then completely stopped after putting up my desktop wallpaper. The mouse was still working so it hadn't frozen but nothing loaded no matter how long I left it. It would do this everytime I restarted my system. After much messing I managed to scedule a scandisk for the next restart and that seemed to help as I got back into windows. I have now tried doing a system restore to before putting the update on but it is just making the same problem again and I have to try to fix it all over again. I don't know what else to do to try to fix it properly so any suggestions would be welcomed. It seems to be running at the moment but I'm not convinced that everything is as it should be as I've been unable to revert back to before the stupid update. Thanks for any help you can give.

  VoG II 14:02 31 Jul 2004

If you run Belarc Advisor click here it will list all the updates you have installed with the date installed. You could then identify the culprit and remove it.

However, if all is so far working again I would leave well alone!

  Sugar Junkie 14:18 31 Jul 2004

I've run the advisor you suggested and it isn't listing any windows updates for yesterday. Do you think this means it has been removed already? The computer is working right now but I'm worried if I reboot it will not startup again. I don't know if I should risk trying to remove the updates or just leave alone and hope it's fixed.

  flying grouse 14:22 31 Jul 2004

the update yesterday was KB867801

  Sugar Junkie 14:31 31 Jul 2004

I think that may have been the update as I've since just had another "new update is ready for download" message for KB867801. I've searched for this on my computer but haven't found it so maybe it was removed. Thank you both for your helpful responses.

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