Bootup failure

  claluc 21:05 06 Dec 2008

PC running WIN XP with all updates in place.
Had started having warning messages of " Delayed writing failure" of any sort at logging in or closing programs.
Ran Malawarebytes and AVG which detected DNS Changer,deleted affected files and restored system to earler date.Re run scans and all was negative.
All ran smooth for a whole day, I had run a couple more AVG and Malawarebytes which detected no threaths.
At closing down the same "Delayed writing failure" appeared, system locked up, no other choice than shutting down by power switch.
At bootup Win starts seemingly normal but before login PC restarts itself, it is like a continuous loop, I never get to log into Windows.
Tried to startup from recovery disk but same result.
Tried to re-install Win, it gets to the point of seeing C drive, but when pressing "Enter" to begin re-install all system freezes up, can't continue installation.
Is there a way to recover from problem or to format C drive and re-install Windows?

  woodchip 22:04 06 Dec 2008

Sounds like the Hard Drive is on its way out. Try running Disc checker on the C:\

Double Click My Computer then Right Click C:\ Properties\Tools\Disc Check put a tick in the box to fix errors and do a full test

  claluc 22:14 06 Dec 2008

HDD was changed only few months ago.
I would like to be able to run a disk check but can't get anywhere near loading Windows. As said it does not load, it starts loading, I see Win XP load screen but then PC goes in a re start loop without ever finishing Windows startup.
Btw, am using a backup pc to connect to this site.

  woodchip 22:19 06 Dec 2008

Remove the Cable plugs from Hard Drive and see if it will boot to BIOS by tapping Del key at start,let it stay on if it will. If it does this okay then the Hard Drive as had it

  claluc 22:36 06 Dec 2008

What do you mean by "remove cable plugs from HD? what cable plugs?

  woodchip 19:44 07 Dec 2008

detach the cable plugs from the Hard Drive to see if it will boot to BIOS.
Pull the Plugs from HD

  claluc 20:22 07 Dec 2008

HDD is definitely ok, finaly managed to get into Win repair mode, first go it started deleting/loading files- usual stuff for Win repair until 68% at which point it got stuck on copying arial.ttf for over 50 mins.
I killed it as it seemed to go no further anyway
Now when I retry it goes up to "inspecting startup options" and again it stick there for ages, nothing more happens.
Am thinking of buying a 2nd HDD and reload from scratch then set this one as a secondary drive and try to recover files from it, what do you think?

  woodchip 22:37 07 Dec 2008

As J said the Drive as BAD Blocks< thats why it sticks trying to write to the drive

  claluc 12:05 08 Dec 2008

Is there any way to get it to do a checkdisk without Windows? When entering the recovery console by typing R it asks me to choose which drive to repair, I have tried typing in all possible letters but keep having invalid entry.
Also is it normal to be able to type 1 character only? Maybe I am doing something wrong, I keep reading in the forum about launching CHKDSK from recovery console but don't seem to be able to get around to do it.
Maybe someone could tell me the right " step by step for dummies" procedure.

  woodchip 15:36 08 Dec 2008

Don't know if this will work but try it. keep tapping F8 as it starts then if you get the List choose Prompt then type at the prompt CHKDSK

So that it looks like this

C:\CHKDSK press enter it may run

  claluc 09:45 09 Dec 2008

Tried it, it doesn't work, whether I choose recovery or enter to reload it always does the same, it gets to the Examining Startup Environment stage and just sits there forever unless I kill it from the power switch.
Typing F8 at startup should get into option to startup in safe mode or last known configuration, instead it shows a screen from which to choose bootup priority sequence, from there on the loop restarts.

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