Boots blank screen and no bios

  Mondaymother 19:28 10 May 2018

Hi everyone.

I have a strange issue with my MSI GS70 Stealth Pro, I'll give all the details below, it's a bit convoluted so bare with me. I really hope someone has some new ideas because I have no spare cash for a repair/ new laptop so need to figure this out myself!

So, I was playing a game and the screen froze with the image locked up. I couldn't alt f4 or ctrl alt del, so I held the off button to turn it off (it's done this a couple times before).

When I rebooted it got stuck loading the MSI logo so I turned it off and on.

Then I got the MSI logo but with a message underneath saying something like "repairing" and a spinning circle. The spinning circle stopped spinning and after a while (3 mins or so) I rebooted again. Same issue again.

I read somewhere that to fix this I just need to go into the bios and then save and exit. So I did this but still got the same problem.

I tried the bios thing again (changing the language to English and save exiting) but got the same problem.

So somewhere else suggested resetting the ec controller. So I did this (by unplugging battery and ac and pressing the power button (and I used the MSI ec reset button) before trying to boot again.

Unfortunately now I don't get any power to the screen but everything else turns on. The laptop then stays on for 15 second before turning itself off. It then turns itself back on again does the exact same thing for about 40 second this time before turning off again.

I can no longer get into the bios or anything as I am not getting any power to the screen (no backlight or anything).

So I take everything out (hdd, ssd (operating system etc) and try booting the bios. Miraculously I get the bios, screen on and everything. So I turn off put the ssd back in and try for the bios again but I then get the black screen boot/ reboot issue as described above.

I've checked the ram, no issues there. Oh and I have taken the CMOS battery out and tried rebooting after a few mins of that being out, still same issue.

Currently I can't get back into the bios even with the ssd unplugged and I am completely confused as to what has gone wrong. I'm praying people are not going to tell me the gpu is toast because personally I don't think it is (I have had screen freezes before).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what on earth is going on!?

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


  Archie44 22:00 10 May 2018

youve probaly already seen this but maybe there might be a solution

enter link description here

  Mondaymother 22:31 10 May 2018

Unfortunately I'm not getting anything on the screen. It has no backlight so I think I'm not getting any power to it. I'm hesitant to flash the bios as I haven't done anything to it(as far as I am aware) that would cause any settings to change...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:21 10 May 2018

You may have switched it off have you tried connecting to a TV or external monitor?

  Mondaymother 06:47 11 May 2018

I've tried an external monitor too. Still the same issue :(

When I plug in the HDMI I do get the hard disk light switching on for some reason...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:09 11 May 2018

plug in the HDMI and use the appropriate keys (Fn+F5 on mine) to switch screens wait a few seconds between key press for the switch to occur.

  Mondaymother 16:44 11 May 2018

I'm not getting anything from the laptop even if I plug into a different screen and do as you suggested.

I think the issue might be the motherboard due to this strange reboot cycle that is occurring.

Thanks for the suggestion though! Have any other ideas!?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:41 11 May 2018

Try removing mains power - battery and CMOS battery wait at least 5 mins - press and hold power button for 30 secs.

Refit CMOS battery and reconnect mains power (leave main battery off) see if it will boot then.

  Mondaymother 15:41 12 May 2018

Sadly I've already tried this to no avail...

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