Ollyolly 10:54 12 Feb 2004

I was running Win2K.
When booting up the screen reaches 'Searching for boot sector on IDE-0...OK' then stops.
It has been suggested that I reinstall Win2k but not to c:/WINNT but to say c:/WINNTv2.
My problem seems to be that if I do that I need to direct the boot up process to the version 2 folder.
How do I edit the boot.ini file when I cannot get into windows?

  Chegs ® 11:11 12 Feb 2004

I seem to think you need a boot floppy,extract the boot.ini from your present install,or simply access it with the boot floppy,and edit it in situ.

  temp003 11:12 12 Feb 2004

When you specify w2k to be installed to a different folder from the default WINNT, w2k setup, when it writes (or in your case rewrites) the boot.ini file, it will automatically write the correct path to the parallel installation of w2k (i.e. the path to w2k will be written as multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNTv2).

You shouldn't need to worry about it.

More to the point, if this is the same problem as click here you should try this method only if you have taken the steps suggested there, of checking the master/slave settings, and double check in BIOS that you are telling the computer to boot from the right hard disk. Sometimes, inserting a second hard disk into the computer can do funny things to the boot sequence. It shouldn't, but it has happened.

  temp003 11:42 12 Feb 2004

The other thing about a parallel install (what's been suggested to you), is I am not sure whether it will overwrite your Program Files folder. Any Windows installation will create the C:\Program Files folder. Whether w2k is smart enough to, say, write the new folder as Program Files.000 I don't know. I do know that it doesn't ovewrite the Documents and Settings folder, so your My Documents folder should be safe.

I have not done a parallel install myself so I don't know the answer. If it does, you'll lose all your programs, in which case you're better off doing a repair install (which keeps all programs and data, you just need to reapply Windows updates) rather than a parallel install.

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