booting from USB Flash Drive

  Legolas 11:12 22 Jul 2004

I have just bought a 256mb USB FLASH DRIVE does anyone know if it is possible to boot from this drive in the same way you can boot from a floppy?

  pmjd 11:23 22 Jul 2004

It depends if your motherboard supports booting from USB devices. Have a look at the manual or just go into the BIOS and see what boot options you have

  Legolas 11:27 22 Jul 2004

I have had a look and tried all the USB options in the BIOS with no success maybe a BIOS update is needed.

  bellportal 11:59 22 Jul 2004


I don't think you would be able to boot something like xp from a 256mb flash drive, but things like Linux are possibilities.

There is a chance that there will be a BIOS update, but tread carefully with these, they can be very tempremental. I am doubtful, however, whether an update would allow your motherboard to boot from usb.

If this is really important to you, but a motherboard which will definately boot from usb. We tried it here when we were doing our ghost image with 80gb usb hard drives. Our newest machines accepted it, but most didn't.

Have a look, and if you find a reliable motherboard (update) which supports this, let us at the forum know! ;)

  jaydoubleyou 12:39 22 Jul 2004

My laptop allows booting from USB as it does not have a floppy drive (I've never tried it though) - you just press a function key as it first starts and it takes you into the list of options.<br>
I'm assuming Legolas is trying to use it as an emergency disk or is loading some sort of application (eg partition making software) rather than an entire OS.

  Legolas 13:29 22 Jul 2004

I was wanting to boot from the flash drive as I would a floppy for the purposes of formatting a hard drive I can easily boot from a floppy by installing one on the system in question I just wondered if it was possible.

  GRFT 13:56 22 Jul 2004

It would be possible if your BIOS supported USB as a boot device. I've just had a look at my options and they are SCSI; Network device; Floppy, including LS120; Zip; Atapi CD Rom; IDE hard drive. As the USB flash drives are becoming very popular it would be useful if they were included. It would be interesting to learn just how well they are supported now.

  seedie 14:01 22 Jul 2004

I've done it with win 98se. You need some drivers to enable USB in dos, but you may find the drivers will screw up your system if you type win from dos. google USB drivers for dos and boot from flash cards


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