Booting Problem

  madmike 22:13 13 Jan 2005

I am having problems booting up my kids computer, it`s running windows 98.
when booting up it gets half way through, then I get a blank screen with the hour glass symble in the middle of the screen, then stops, I restart, it starts to boot again, then goes to the screen to start in safe mode, it then boots up in safe mode, I restart again, it again goes as far as first time,it stays there for about 20 minutes then boots ok, I have reinstalled Windows but it`s not made any difference.
I would be grateful for any ideas.
Many Thanks.

  AndySD 22:51 13 Jan 2005

Boot it into windows and run something like A Squared Free click here or Adaware. click here

  LeadingMNMs 23:00 13 Jan 2005

Could be caused by some sort of driver problem, since it can boot in safe mode without trouble.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 00:54 14 Jan 2005

may be worth running check disk and scan disk to see if you have some dodgy sectors on your hard drive causing file corruption going by the fact you say you have reinstalled windows

  User-312386 01:38 14 Jan 2005

when you do eventually get to safe mode click on start>shutdown>restart in ms-dos

when in dos type scanreg/fix

when complete, the computer should restart,if it does not and you get a cursor, type exit

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