clash33 18:00 12 Oct 2005

This happens two or three times then boot's up OK. I'm running XP. Could this just be a cable issue or something more sinister? Has been happening for several months now!

sounds like the hd to me, do you have another drive? maybe you could clone this one to check if the problem goes away

  woodchip 18:49 12 Oct 2005

Could be the cable, they are not the most reliable item in a computer. But Double click My computer right click C:\ drive\Properties\tools check disc

  DieSse 19:18 12 Oct 2005

Sounds more like the hard drive to me - remove and refit the cable anyway - it costs nothing!

No OS smacks of the hard drive boot/startup areas not reading correctly - or the drive taking an excessive time to spin up to full speed. The drive manufacturers site will have diagnostics that you can check the drive with - WARNING some of these will delete all dat from the drive, so be careful which ones you run.

Also enable SMART in the BIOS if not already enabled.

Also run Everest click here and look at the SMART parameters for the drive.

ALSO - IMPORTANT - make a complete backup of your drive, as a failure to start at all will mean you can't get to anything.

  clash33 22:26 12 Oct 2005

Thanks all,
I will let you know the outcome

  clash33 22:50 12 Oct 2005

How do I enable SMART in the BIOS if not already enabled???????

  DieSse 23:01 12 Oct 2005

Look through the BIOS pages, and you'll find it - I haven't got a manual to hand to look at right now - you won't miss it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:05 12 Oct 2005

usually under the advanced features section of the BIOS.

page up /page down Enable Disable

How you enter BIOS depends on your PC, message appears on first screen as you boot something like

Press del to enter setup

  clash33 16:40 13 Oct 2005

All data backed up. Time to open her up and poke about!

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