booting up from a drive.

  ikowalc 18:07 25 Feb 2003

my computer used to start up by reading from the a drive first, but something has happened and the a drive is no longer read on start up. As this is going to cause me problems in the future, could anyone advise me as to how to solve the problem. I know that I have to go into the BIOS, but I dont know what to do once I get there,


  MAJ 18:22 25 Feb 2003

You have to look for an entry like First Boot Device or something similar, you can change it to what you want (A: drive in your case) using the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard. Then follow the instructions to "Exit and Save changes".

  MAJ 18:26 25 Feb 2003

It'll be in the BIOS Features Setup section and likely to be called "Boot Sequence", ikowalc.

  Djohn 18:27 25 Feb 2003

Depending on the make of BIOS, once in there, I think it is the second choice down, advanced set-up or words to that effect.

Use you keyboard arrow keys to move up/down and left/right, Enter for Yes, and escape key for No!

In advanced setup look for your drives and you will see first boot drive, 2nd. , 3rd, and so on.

The normal setting is.

First drive = floppy.

Second drive = C drive.

Third drive = D drive.

Don't worry if you think you have made a mistake and don't feel confident with your choice, just click on the Esc. key and choose "exit without saving". This will return you to your current settings.

When you feel confident that you have made the right choice, click on enter and choose "exit and save new settings". you can always go back in again and alter the setting if you wish. J.

  Djohn 18:31 25 Feb 2003

Sorry MAJ, you hadn't posted when I started to type. Must learn to type faster. In fact I was so slow, I don't think ikowalc, had even asked the question when I started :o(

  MAJ 18:36 25 Feb 2003

Lol, Djohn. My fault, mate, I must learn to put all in one post.

  ikowalc 23:54 25 Feb 2003

thank you all for your help, i will give it a go in the morning

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