Booting up from a 2nd HDD

  badgery 10:13 08 Feb 2005

Possibly a basic question, but I have put a copy of my main drive on my 'slave' (used MaxBlast3).
Can I boot up from the copy, without the need to go back and change 'slave' to 'master'. If so can someone explain how to do it. (XP Home)Thanks.

  Graham ® 10:22 08 Feb 2005

I think the answer will be no. Even if you change the boot order in BIOS, Windows prefers to load from C drive.

  badgery 10:39 08 Feb 2005

Yes, I had suspected as much - life is never easy!!
So it's back into the box again and make it the master, unless anyone else has any thoughts....?

  seedie 10:50 08 Feb 2005

If your BIOS supports several boot devices, have a look to see if more than one HD is shown.


  badgery 11:10 08 Feb 2005

This is where I show my low level knowledge!
Exactly how do I do this? BIOS is a mystery to me - I only know how to press the ON button, as yet.
Any chance of a 'simpleton's' guide for me to do what you suggest?

  Graham ® 12:37 08 Feb 2005

Go to XP Help and Support, search for BIOS. It will explain it in simple terms.

  badgery 18:57 08 Feb 2005

I just went back 'inside' (the computer, not prison!), changed slave to main, disconnected original main and booted.
Worked flawlessly, so MaxBlast3 did the job fine, and gave me a bootable copy on my new HDD.

  seedie 19:18 08 Feb 2005

Yes but this is not what you want is it????

It is perfectly poss. to have your main drive as master and secondary drive as slave and boot from either without messing about with jumpers.

Restart your computer and keep your eyes glued to the screen and it will say something like "press DEL to enter bios" or press f1 or something similar. If you're still here write back.


  badgery 08:55 09 Feb 2005

Sorry, I have been out of commission (grandkids arrived for an overnight stay, granny promptly banned all computer activity, as many hands are required to keep them from doing the usual toddler destructions!!).
However peace reigns again - I have just done the process you said, now get a page with columns of things like :-

Primary Master (Auto)
Primary Slave (Auto)
Secondary Master.... etc

  Graham ® 09:53 09 Feb 2005

Use the arrow keys, bottom right, to navigate to Boot. Press Enter. Change the boot order to suit, then the key shown at the bottom of the screen to save and exit.

  badgery 10:40 09 Feb 2005

Thanks for that assistance, just completed my 'lookaround' and checked the 2nd HDD was functioning OK, without the need to go into the box. So, happily, your original 'pessimism' was unfounded.
Feel much happier now, having learned something new as well. This is presumably the 'Safe Mode' that I keep reading about? Or am I wrong again??
Cheers, anyway, forum members have provided excellent help once again.

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