bootable win98 cd

  andrewmahoney 22:25 26 Nov 2003

i have just partitioned my new laptop hard drive
so that i can load on win 98 for my old programs.
i am at the stage where i am asked to put in my new bootable operating system in to the cd drive.the problem is that i have no flopy drive,so i can not load my win 98 start up disk,which is what i normally do in order to load my win 98 cd.
i bought a usb flopy drive,but cannot select it as bootable in bios.
is it possible to create a bootable win 98 cd?
thanks in advance for your help.
andy m

  Mr_Nice_Guy 22:27 26 Nov 2003

yes. i think you could just copy the floppy files onto the cd if you have a cd burner. as the boot disk will have a boot record. just set the cd rom to first boot device.

  temp003 07:18 27 Nov 2003

Some say that some copies of the Win98 CD are bootable. Don't know myself. You can try.

If not, most CD burning software has a function to create a bootable CD from a 9x startup floppy. With this method, the software will create a boot sector on the CD which will emulate the 98 floppy. (Can't just burn the files on the floppy to CD to make it bootable).

Make sure you have a good copy of the 98 boot floppy, or download it from click here and create the floppy

Then just locate the bootable CD function in your burning software, and you should be prompted to insert the 98 floppy to create the bootable CD.

Then boot up with the CD, with CDROM support. You will still get the A:\> prompt (because it emulates a floppy). Then switch over to your Win98 CD, change directory to CDROM drive letter, and take it from there as usual.

Or you can even burn the contents of the Win98 CD to the bootable CD, then you don't need to change CD, but still need to change directory to CDROM drive (The boot floppy portion of the CD is seen as the A drive, while the rest of the CD is seen as the normal CD drive letter)

One more thing. Are you going to dual boot? I only ask this because if you are, then you must work out how you are going to do it before you proceed.

If you are using third party software to create the dual boot, then that's fine. If not, there may be complications you should be aware of.

  Confab 08:28 27 Nov 2003

Just incert CD into youre drive type D: for example if D is your CD drive then type "setup" Win 98 will install

  andrewmahoney 21:31 27 Nov 2003

thanks temp 003,great advice.i made a bootable cd including win 98,worked first time,well nearly !after i found that my cd drive was f and not e.i use partition magic 7 to dual boot,but again i have the problem of re,activating boot magic as the boot disk is a flopy.with a bit of luck i will be able to make a bootable cd like before.
i will let you know,.........andy. m

who said you dont need a flopy drive!!!!!!!!

  woodchip 21:35 27 Nov 2003

You should only need to start with the Win98 disc if it's Win98se, and your bios is set to boot from CD as first boot device

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