Bootable USB Thumbdrives

  bremner 15:06 17 Feb 2006

This may be one for the PCA magazine bods.

On page 112 on the latest mag it explains how to make a bootable USB thumb drive. I followed the advice and now have such a drive.

On page 111 it says having made such a device "load it with apps that repair system errors and pin down hardware problems. Many are on the cover disk". I have loaded these onto the thumbdrive but once the machine is booted from the thumbdrive and I try to run the Apps I get the messages "Can not run in DOS" or "Needs 32 bit to run".

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong please.

  Haol 15:12 17 Feb 2006

I can't tell you what you're doing wrong but I think it would be better if you got a Linux Live CD like SLAX click here and use MySLAX Creator click here to create a bootable CD.

  bremner 15:56 17 Feb 2006

Thanks but I already have a number of bootable Linux disks I was hoping to create a USB rescue drive as well.

  medicine hat 16:19 17 Feb 2006

Which apps have you tried?

  britto 16:25 17 Feb 2006

on page 111 it tells you that"these apps will not run directly from the thumb drive so save the installer files for quick installation on a PC"

  bremner 19:20 17 Feb 2006

You are looking at the "Create a cleaning kit etc" section, I am refering to the "Revive your crashed computer" section.

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