Bootable DOS CD??

  skythepig 12:47 26 Feb 2003

Thinking of replacing my trusty old PIII 850 with a new faster machine and have been looking at the XPC Shuttle or Cubit form factors. Some of these no longer have provision for a FDD. Can you get away without one? For example what happens when you need to flash the BIOS or run FDISK for a new HDD etc?. On my old PC have tried to create a DOS bootable CD by copying the contents of a bootable FDD to a CD and then setting the BIOS to boot from CD/correct drive letter first, but this does not work. It just boots as normal into XP. How do I create a bootable CD?

  powerless 13:01 26 Feb 2003

Windows XP takes care of the formatting from the CD.

The Win XP CD is bootable.

Floppy drive - If you really need one you can buy an external one.

  Paranoid Android 13:29 26 Feb 2003

Unfortunately DOS does not support CD Drives without loading drivers - and you can't load the drivers from the CD.

Many modern BIOS flashes work in windows and, as Powerless correctly said, you can use a bootable windows CD if you need to reformat.

The only time I use my floppy drive (with XP) is to run a boot disk for Norton Ghost 7 and I have to admit that doing without this could be tricky.


  jazzypop 14:34 26 Feb 2003

To create a bootable floppy in XP - click here

To create a bootable CD - click here

You can also boot to a DOS-like interface if you boot with the XP CD in place and then use the Recovery Console.

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