Boot into XP from an external disc on a Win 7 PC

  Joe G 13:29 14 Mar 2012

I have rescued the HDD from my old PC which ran XP. It is connected via a USB IDE convertor to my new Win 7 PC. Can I use it to boot into XP on my new machine without affecting the Win 7 installation as there are a couple of programmes that will not work on Win 7 even in compatibility mode.

I suspect the answer is no - if not I will rescue the data I need from the programmes via a friends XP PC


  KRONOS the First 13:33 14 Mar 2012


What programs are you having trouble with? I am using Widows 7 64BIT and have not come across a program that did not work.

  Terry Brown 13:45 14 Mar 2012

I am not sure but I beleive that you cannot boot a win 7 machine from an external drive, however you could create a virtual drive on you win 7 drive and run XP from there, using the old HDD as storage.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:26 14 Mar 2012

Can I use it to boot into XP

No windows is designed not to boot from an external device (other than a network version)

XP can be made to boot from a mem stick with a great deal of trouble :0)

  Joe G 19:46 14 Mar 2012

Thanks all - I'm probably best installing the programme (Magix Music Studio 11) onto my friends PC then. Its not supported on Win7 and I've tried installing it in compatibility mode on my Vista laptop but it locks up when trying to install - I'm hoping the installation disc isn't damaged - I need to extract the midi files from the music I have created so I can recreate the pieces in a different DAW

  woodchip 19:52 14 Mar 2012

IT would not boot as its for a different PC drivers for the hardware are different. Otherwise it should boot using a boot manager

  woodchip 19:54 14 Mar 2012

PS using a boot manager, as nothing to do with win7 as its not even started

  robin_x 21:37 14 Mar 2012

Magix Music under W7 came up a few months ago here.

I don't think there was ever a satisfactory solution found.

Might be easiest just using your friend's machine to save/export what you want.

  Joe G 23:12 14 Mar 2012

Yeah that's my plan now - it may have been me who asked the earlier question!

  Terry Brown 07:56 16 Mar 2012

If all you need to do is to recover some midi files, then set the XP drive as a slave (or use a caddy). Boot to win 7 and access the XP drive (like any other drive and save your files elsewhere.


  Joe G 13:20 16 Mar 2012

Its a bit complex than that - the composed music is contained in the Music Studio files so is not directly accessible as midi - ie I need to run Music Studio and then run an option that allows me to export the midi files from the programme - I did it on a couple of compositions but not all of them unfortunately!

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