Boot from USB Hard drive?

  Graham ® 19:41 16 Oct 2005

I've seen this mentioned before, but here goes: if I make a copy of the C drive onto the USB hard drive using Norton Ghost, can I get the PC to boot from it?

It is not an option in BIOS.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:45 16 Oct 2005

It is not an option in BIOS.

If there is no option in BIOS to boot from USB flash devices then you can not do it.

My latest PC has this option and I set it up to boot from a USB external to check if it coud be done, worked OK.

My older PC would not do it under any circumstances even with USB for DOS enabled and a DOS floppy to enable the USB ports (which defeated the objective really).

  SANTOS7 19:51 16 Oct 2005

click here
maybe you can..

  Graham ® 19:51 16 Oct 2005

Mmm, as I thought. So I will have to re-think my recovery proceedure.

  Graham ® 19:55 16 Oct 2005

Thanks, I wonder if a boot floppy could be used to point to the USB hard drive?

  VoG II 20:04 16 Oct 2005

You can boot from the Norton Ghost CD which includes drivers for USB. You can then restore the image to your C drive.

  SANTOS7 20:05 16 Oct 2005

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I think you have to go back to the point that if your bios does not support this, it aint gonna work...

  Graham ® 20:15 16 Oct 2005

I was going to ask about that! So my back-up plan will work!

  VoG II 20:15 16 Oct 2005

I hope so Graham ® - I think it is the same as mine!

  Graham ® 20:19 16 Oct 2005

I will read up on that later.

  Graham ® 20:20 16 Oct 2005

Live and learn, eh?

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