Boot From USB?

  hawthorn59 01:56 26 Aug 2008


Wondering if anyone can help! My nephew decided to install a new hard drive into his ageing laptop. When he put in the new hard drive, the cd/dvd drawer wont open! It has got a few knocks in its time but he used to be able to open it with a knife!!! Not now though!

He has his XP DVD, and has been told that it is possible to make a bootable USB drive. Has anyone the instructions or steps as to how to go about it?

thanks in advance


  beeuuem 03:30 26 Aug 2008

You could look at click here or click here which indicate that it is possible.

  jack 08:35 26 Aug 2008

and replacing the hard drive except for possible physical damage.
The CD tray opens mechanically with a touch of a button
No computery involved - So it has been damaged or incorrectly re assembled.
Regarding a bootable drive - depends on the motherboard/BIOS architecture.
Earlier boards USB only became active once Windows was up and running - so no joy their.
New BIOS I understand to allow for USB to boot but have to be set up to do so - refer to the handbook for your machine

  Technotiger 08:52 26 Aug 2008

Surely it would be easier to replace the apparently damaged cd/dvd drive.

  Technotiger 08:54 26 Aug 2008

What make/model is the laptop?

  hawthorn59 23:49 26 Aug 2008

Its not linked to the broken DVD's just that the drawer wont open so theres no way of installing XP. The drawer was dodgy already, and now it wont open.

The 2nd link given above might work, as it deals with a faulty DVD drive, and xp crash. From what I can see 1st step is to install Linux from usb and take it from there. So ive emailed him the article. Thanks.

One other thing concerns me. He took out the new hard drive and insertted the old one and nothing would load. Should the old HD not have loaded as usual? Nothing had been deleted or reformatted.



  jack 10:20 27 Aug 2008

May have caused.
Why was the drive replaced?
Was it working OK at the time?
It may as with the CD drive suffered damage in removal/replacement

From what I can read he is simply digging an ever bigger hole in his wallet swapping bits around - never a good idea on a laptop.
Cut the losses and buy a replacement machine.
Use the new drive as an external drive with an IDE/USB cable or caddy.

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