Boot takes 20 minutes - Windows Vista

  pedroowen 17:04 09 Dec 2013

I am looking at a HP Compaq 6910P notebook for my friend as it was taking over 20 minutes to boot up. It is about 5 years old, running Vista Business and has just 1MB of RAM. Initially I rather pessimistically tried the usual start up enhancement things such as deleting unnecessary software, removing start up items via MSCONFIG. I also ran chkdsk on the C drive. As feared this had minimal impact. I then restored it to factory settings from the recovery partition, applied Vista SP1 and SP2 plus any updates since but it still takes over 20 minutes to boot (about 20 minutes on the Microsoft Corporation screen with the repeating moving bar, then about 3 minutes after the login screen). So I suspect the problem is more severe than the normal slow start up issues, possibly hardware which I do not know much about. Can anyone offer suggestions as to the likely areas.

  pedroowen 17:08 09 Dec 2013

Sorry in my initial post - I meant 1GB RAM.

  pedroowen 10:24 10 Dec 2013

Thanks for your help. I did not realise I was on a spam list - I have not heard of this from others and my emails seem to be getting through. I have already tried switching Windows update off. Disk space is ok. Rapport is not present. I do not know full history of this notebook but when passed to me security consisted of Windows Defender and Windows Firewall; I have since downloaded Avast Free antivirus and ran a full scan which was clean. I will look at your other suggestions later. Thanks Pedro.

  Woolwell 10:39 10 Dec 2013

Good clean would not go amiss. Fruitbat normally posts with good advice regarding slow computers. But a 5 year old laptop running Vista may be knackered.

  iscanut 11:31 10 Dec 2013

Can you run a CHKDSK ( check disc ) on the hard drive..May be problems on it as these normally have a life of around 5 years or so .

  iscanut 11:32 10 Dec 2013

PS Sorry, missed the fact that you have already done this..should read things more carefully !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:10 10 Dec 2013

Its going to be slow running Vista on only 1gb of RAM however that should not account for the 20min boot.

You say you have done a factory restore Is this using some companies business settings?

If so its probably running alsorts of security scripts causing the slow boot.

better off doing a Clean install of Vista from a DVD, see what happens then.

  woodchip 21:45 10 Dec 2013

Could it be your AV doing a Scan at startup

  woodchip 21:46 10 Dec 2013

PS also Paging file may be doing its work, try turning it off

  Woolwell 22:45 10 Dec 2013

Indexing can seriously slow a Vista machine down until indexing is complete. May be worthwhile turning it off.

  pedroowen 00:53 11 Dec 2013

Thanks for all suggestions folks. I have tried a few things which can be quite tedious with a 23 minute boot time, but alas I still have the same issue. I have tried following since my last post: 1.Downloaded Malwarebytes Free and done full scan which was clean. Also ran full scan in Windows Defender, all clean.

2.Checked device manager and when I expanded IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller found a yellow exclamation mark against RICOH OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller. When I checked Properties it said device cannot start start (error code 10). So I went to drivers tab of Properties and that showed current driver as what I believe to be the latest: version 6.0.6002.18005 dated 21/6/2006. Decided to reinstall the driver, clicked on uninstall and the device disappeared from the Device Manager list; then I rebooted (yes 23 minutes again!) and it loaded the driver and the device appeared in device manager without an exclamation mark. Great I thought, however next time I rebooted (23 mins again) and checked device manager the yellow exclamation mark was back. So maybe this device is duff but I am not sure what affect that would have on boot time. Can someone please advise.

On a more general note: I am trying to contact my friend for whom I am looking at this problem in order to establish if anything drastic happened physically to it just before it started going wrong eg did he drop it down the stairs, get dirt or anything in it etc. One of the posts mentions giving it a good clean – I might try a gentle vacuum.

Ref the query of factory restore – I restored from the original HP factory image in the D partition which I would imagine is standard for this model/configuration ie not configured for a particular business. A Windows DVD/CD did not come with it, which is why they have the factory restore partition, so I cannot try that means of restore.

I have also double checked that the AV software is not doing a start up scan. Thanks again folks – any bright ideas will be welcome.

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