boot up/switch on problem - HP Pavillion Entertainment Laptop

  science wiz 13:23 20 Jan 2012

my laptop has a problem switching on. it switches one sometimes and at other times if you press the on button, nothing happens! i took it to a technician after it could not switch, and he pressed it went on, when i took it home, i switched it on, and it didn't boot! its 3 weeks not since i last had it on, i tried today and it never booted/switched on. it works when it wants and i cant know the reason. i need to use it as it has my university research work! can anyone suggest the solution to this problem? i connected to power today, power flows very well, but when i press the "on" button, it does not boot up/switch on at all! and technicians are not aware of the solution. please suggest possible solution so that i can direct my technician to handle it so that i can be able to use my laptop.

the following are details of my laptop just in case: HEWELETT-PACKARD hp pAVILLION dv6700 S/N: C NF82419GZ P/N: FE654UA#ABA

its almost 3 months now since the problem started.

the problem begun when the computer could refuse to boot and then it could suddenly accept after trying in after 2 to three days and to a week and not its never booting at all! i have left it for three weeks, today, i connected it to power, the power light goes on and flow of power sounds good, but when i press "ON" button, nothing seems to happen at all!

its a new laptop and the battery is pretty fine.

please advice me the way out.


/Godbless P. Haule

  robin_x 15:09 20 Jan 2012

Try with battery out and mains adaptor only, even if you think battery is fine.

It could be almost any problem. May take a while to narrow it down.

To check for dodgy jack, wiggle up/down/left/right while trying to turn on.

Your data is safe enough. You can remove the hard drive and plug it into a PC with the correct (probably SATA data and power) cables.

Or out it into a USB caddy/enclosure to connect to another machine.

  robin_x 15:10 20 Jan 2012

Or put it into a USB....

  sharpamat 15:11 20 Jan 2012

Yoy say this is a new laptop. Is it still under warranty? if so return it. Insist on it being sorted if not refer it to Tradeing Standards

  science wiz 18:54 20 Jan 2012


thanks a lot for your advice. i tried with my laptop but there still was no response. as i said, the last time i took to the technician, he could not tell what the problem was, as, when it was taken there, it was not working and could not switch on/ boot-up . he then chose to check it the day after when he could have time to deal with it and diagnose what made it go off and never turn on even when the "on" button is pressed. to his surprise, while it was still in his office, he came in the following morning and as he was set to diagnose the cause for the fault before repairing it, he decided to try connect it to power and re-try the "ON" button just in case to satisfy himself on the problem before going ahead, and surprisingly it turned on and worked perfectly without any sign of ever failing again, and he turned it on and off several times and could not sense any problem, then he called me to pick it and told me, he could not see any problem with the computer, and that, it was just perfect for use but he still was not in a position to explain what i experienced which was in fact the cause for me taking it for repair! i took it home, and a little while later the symptoms begun slowly and ended up in complete disconnection that has made it totally impossible to turn on the laptop computer and use it whatsoever!

above expressing my gratitude for your technical advice/support, i hereby appeal for further ideas on how to go about solving this matter and getting the computer to turn on and off again with no problem.

shall the problem persist after i pursue the next solution, excuse me for the bother and please be kind as to advice me what words to use in explaining the matter to the technical once i take the PC for repairs, and if possible, list me some hints on possible areas of repairs to diagnose and consider action by the technical so as to make the long story short and keep the technical from fiddling with the laptop endlessly without knowledge of the problem which may cause a newer problem instead!

i'll appreciate your continued kind assistance.

thanking you in anticipation,

best regards,

Godbless P. Haule (Arusha - Tanzania).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 20 Jan 2012

the power light goes on and flow of power sounds good not sure what you mean by this ? is there a LED lit on the power adaptor? led lit on laptop

sounds good? do you hear fans run or hard drive whirr?

leds may be lit but adaptor could still be faulty

when the fault occurs
check voltage at jack plug using a volt / multimeter between inner and outer connections on the plug or try using a different power adaptor and cable (same voltage see if it then powers up.

a bad battery can cause a voltage drop sufficient to stop the laptop from starting up try from mains only with battery removed.

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