Boot sequence help

  May$ 10:14 03 Aug 2004

Hi I having some trouble trying to get computer to boot up.

It says

"Boot from ATPI CD-ROM: Failure....."
Disc Boot failure. Insert system disk and press enter.

I have a bootup disk but it tells me

disk i/o error replace disk and then press any key.

It does not say that it has attempted to boot from the floppy or hard drive at the start. Which it should shouldn't it?

My boot sequence is

1. floppy
2. hdd-0

My bios knowledge is limited.

I am running win98

I thank you in advance for your help.

  Sans le Sou 10:39 03 Aug 2004

When did this problem start?

  Sans le Sou 10:43 03 Aug 2004

Can you see the HDD in the Bios only it sounds like it is not connected in some way.

  May$ 10:57 03 Aug 2004

The problem started 2-3 weeks ago

The hard drive is being shown when I look in the IDE primary master option.

  GRFT 11:44 03 Aug 2004

If you have a floppy disc (preferably bootable), disable the HD & CD-rom Drive in BIOS and make the floppy drive the only boot device. If the system then fails to access the floppy drive (ie, nothing reported)then make sure the drive connections are made OK. As you say, the system will either boot, if the floppy is bootable, or report a failure if it isn't. If this isn't the case you'll have to check your BIOS settings again. If all of your boot devices are failing then it's unlikely to be a hardware fault, but check all your connections again just the same.

  May$ 11:47 03 Aug 2004

I have a CD Rom recovery disc for the computer. When I put that in it asks me to choose one of the following options

1.startup win98 setup from CD
2.boot disk with CD ROM support
3.boot disk without CDROM support

When I choose options 2 and 3 an prompts comes up showing the a drive


If i try the 1st option it asks me if i want to setup win98. I worried that i might try to format the hard drive or something??

  May$ 12:24 03 Aug 2004

Tried a different boot disk and worked ok

Now its telling me that my hard drive doesnt have FAT or Fat 32.

I can access the floppy and cd. Have run scandisk on C:\ but didnt show any errors

Have no clue what to do next??

  Chegs ® 14:42 03 Aug 2004

From the look of the above,you have no operating system installed (disk i/o error replace disk and then press any key)Also looks like the hard-drive installed isn't even formatted (hard drive doesnt have FAT or Fat 32)When you boot from the floppy disc,try it with the Windows CD inserted,and at the "1.startup win98 setup from CD " allow it to proceed.If it fails due to "No HDD found" and informs you that a virus can cause this behaviour,you will need to restart the install again,but at the "1.startup win98 setup from CD "go for option 3,and then type "FDISK" This will allow you to see what condition the hdd is in(size,filesystem,etc)I'm very rusty with DOS and 98(been XP for a few years)but someone else will help you thru a full install procedure.This site will also assist you click here

  May$ 15:04 04 Aug 2004


Tried to setup from recovery disc but kept freezing up.

Tried FDISC and created DOS Partition which it was asking for. Then had to format the hard drive and put windows 98 on.

Windows installed ok, cue lots of happy clapping!!

As I was installing the drivers(assuming the problem had been taken care of)I restarted the machine and the same problem happened.

Is it worth formatting and trying again or is it the hard dead (or dying)?


  Spark6 15:17 04 Aug 2004

It is worth trying another format because you have nothing to lose!

If you are able to beg, borrow or steal another HDD to try formatting and installing the OS on, it would prove whether the problem is your drive or not.

Hope this helps.

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