Boot sequence changed itself

  Picklefactory 09:26 06 May 2008

Anyone ever had this occurrence?
Recently upgraded PC with new everything (Mobo, PSU, CPU, graphics, RAM, extra HDD, Vista Ultimate) all gone seamlessly and pc has been running like a dream for last few weeks since upgrade. Switched on over the weekend and it booted into my new HDD instead of old one, where Vista resides (Or it tried to, achieved black screen only). New drive is currently blank as I intend to put Linux there and dual boot, but haven't had time yet. Checked BIOS and boot sequence had swapped the 2 HDD's. Swapped it back, and, again, PC runs beautifully. Can't get it to repeat, so not overly worried, can't find anything on Google, anyone heard of this happening, seems strange?

  Ditch999 09:42 06 May 2008

It can happen if your motherboard has a recovery BIOS ie 2 BIOSs. If the first one gets corrupted then the 2nd takes over but it will have the default settings the same as the 1st.

  Picklefactory 11:35 06 May 2008

I'll check mobo manual when I get home and see if I have that feature, and if so, how to access it to check settings. That would concern me a little more, as, why would it need to resort to recovery BIOS?

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