Boot sequence

  Malc1000 18:55 16 Nov 2003

Is it possible to influence the boot sequence of program loading in Win XP ?

I am booting up and various things load up, firewall, antivirus, anti wrorm, memory optimiser etc. etc. Can I choose the oreder in which all this stuff loads up ??



  Cretin07 19:04 16 Nov 2003

you cant choose the order, but you can choose which ones to load. run>msconfig>startup and unclick. why do you want to change the order they load?

  jimv7 19:06 16 Nov 2003

Start/run type in 'msconfig' without the quotes navigate to startup and uncheck the boxes of the items you wish to stop.

You can always reverse this if you make a mistake and uncheck the wrong item.

  spikeychris 19:32 16 Nov 2003

You can control the startup order of certain things, basically groups of
items -- but you can't control the startup order of items within a group.
For example, on Windows XP the programs are started in the following

<Logon Prompt>



StartUp Folder


The problem is that many things (such as ZoneAlarm)
are typically included in the same startup grouping, and since there is no
way to control the order within a group, you get a race-condition. Windows
basically fires up everything in a group all at the same time, and which
ever programs load & initialise the fastest will (generally speaking) get
loaded first before the others.

  spikeychris 19:37 16 Nov 2003

Unless you click here and download startup delayer.

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