boot sector virus!!!

  septic 21:50 26 Aug 2003

I've got a boot sector virus which is persisting!

I had a virus which corupted all my win sys32 files so a reload was required. I fdisked prior to formatting to erase all boot data, but am warned after fdisk of a boot sector virus. I ignored this the first time, loaded windows, only to have the original virus return. Tried to install anti virus, but PC shuts down, similar to BLASTER which I also had. ANy suggestions as to the boot virus?

  Gaz 25 22:05 26 Aug 2003

YOU WILL HAVE TO STOP, the virus program for shuting down your system, there is many ways the virus can do this,

Task shedule, and a running process.

You need to close the virus process. then go to an online scan. see click here

If you give me the name of all the running processes I will point out which on you need to close.

  Gaz 25 22:06 26 Aug 2003

The boot virus can also be removed via click here

online scanner and cleaner.

  Gaz 25 22:07 26 Aug 2003

If you purchase a Norton Antivirus package it can scan from the disk.

  Gaz 25 22:15 26 Aug 2003

Hope this help,

Paraniod Gaz

  woodchip 22:21 26 Aug 2003

Try this if you are Win98 get a clean Boot disc It's no use using floppy disc's created before or during the virus infestation. Get a disc for Win98se click here you need to download this to a clean computer or get one that you now is clean and then write protect it with the little slider. Start With disc and let it boot to A:\> then type FDISK/MBR so it looks like this

A:\>FDISK/MBR no SPACES as some think it needs, it does not need spaces for it to run. Through away any floppy's you used on the machine. They are cheap to replace. and if you put files on any then Write Protect so they cannot become infested.

  woodchip 22:23 26 Aug 2003

It's no good retoring to a clean drive with a backup or use floppy's that as got the virus on them

  Gaz 25 22:26 26 Aug 2003

woodchip is correct on that side, your floppy will be infected,

  septic 22:41 26 Aug 2003

Thanx all

It's actually a friends son who has been surfing KAZAA for 8 months without an anti virus!!!!!

I installed avg and scanned, and norton AV 2003 these removed 17 viruses and I also had to remove BLASTER and LOVIAN. The problem is that during the removal, the anti viruses have ti remove infected files, which turned out to be most of the sys32 files. I fdisked and reloaded hoping to install AVG or NORT to rid the boot, but these will not install as pc restarts itself. I know this is a prob with XP so I will try the same with 98 as this is not prone to restarts. I was advised to couple the hard drive to mine and try the anti virus via my system! I am also thinking of walking on water whilst smoking a carrot!!! noooo chance.

  septic 22:48 26 Aug 2003

gaz 25 I will try this first, if not, I will give you details of my processes tomorrow

Many thanx

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