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  denchris 21:11 16 Nov 2003

I`ve tried to help my in-law who had a clogged HD that had win98 preloaded, he bought it second hand,and formatted the HD to load his own win98se OS, however setup stops and announces " Boot Sector Write ! !
Virus : Continue (y/n)" , but it will not continue whatever is pressed...any one any idea how to by-pass this problem ?

  hugh-265156 21:15 16 Nov 2003

can you enter the bios and turn off any bios virus protection and then try the install?

  GrahamP 21:21 16 Nov 2003

This may seem daft, but I know someone who was caught out by it.

Is your "y" key working? Try another keyboard.

  denchris 21:24 16 Nov 2003

It`s the first thing I thought of and I simply cannot find any ref. to virus protection in BIOS..could it be disguised or unrecognisable somehow ? I am right now highly embarrassed !

  denchris 21:26 16 Nov 2003

The "y" key worked thru fdisk and format OK...

  hugh-265156 21:36 16 Nov 2003

what bios do you have

some award bios virus protection cannot be turned off,i remember reading somthing about how to overcome this,will try to find it.

  hugh-265156 21:37 16 Nov 2003

here you go click here

  woodchip 21:46 16 Nov 2003

Start Computer with Win98 Floppy disc and type FDISK/MBR and press enter other than that there should be a boot sector virus protection in the bios that can be disabled Probably in

Advanced BIOS Setup Options

  denchris 21:49 16 Nov 2003

You are something else, and deserve a hug ! many thanx .

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