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Boot screen

  anniesboy68 11:22 04 Apr 2010

I recently had an evaluation copy of windows 7 on a partition, and when the boot screen appears I had the option to load win7 [which appeared as default] and an earlier o/s, XP. I have since formatted the partition which has obviously deleted win 7 o/s. However, I am still getting the options to boot whatever o/s at the boot screen. Can anyone advise me how to rid myself of the option to boot win 7. No doubt it is in the BIOS but without some advice I am reluctant to persue that. AB68

  james105051 12:20 04 Apr 2010

You have to edit the boot.ini file to remove references to Windows 7. An easier way to do it is to download EsayBCD fromclick here

And remove it with that.

  anniesboy68 14:06 04 Apr 2010

Thanks for that, all done. Cheers....AB68

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