Boot Record question

  [DELETED] 04:42 02 Aug 2003

Hey guys 'n' gals!

I started to get some BSOD's so I wanted to defrag. I started by uninstalling some unused progs, and also some that I used but had problems with, then I cleaned the temp files etc.and defragged.

After the defrag, I reinstalled the problem apps and optimized the registry. I did all this using Norton SystemWorks 2002.

At some point I got a message from Norton that said my Master Boot Record had been altered. Everything is working fine, but I am waiting for the moment when it doesn't.

My question is this: How do I find out which app or whatever it was, that altered the MBR, which changes were made, and what are the potential repercussions? Also, how do I reverse these changes so as to avoid future problems?..I just know that it is going to screw me at the worst possible time, 'cuz that is just the way it is!

Thanks for your help...

  [DELETED] 08:35 02 Aug 2003

click here for details of boolean.

With boolean operatives you can search for instances of or more words using the AND command; for one of a number of words using the OR command; and for one word where it is not connected to another using the AND NOT command.

Copernic seems to use it automatically according to the message you posted.

  [DELETED] 08:37 02 Aug 2003

Apologies; I posted this in the wrong thread.

  zanwalk 11:07 02 Aug 2003

If your computer is booting up OK, you don't have a problem. The MBR is the instructions to the CPU on which partition to boot from, usually 'C'. If everything is OK there is nothing to worry about, Norton is known for giving false alarms sometimes.

  [DELETED] 11:27 02 Aug 2003

If something screws your MBR,basically your stuffed,as puter might not boot.Its possible to rewrite the MBR with FDISK /MBR,but if an app keeps changing it,one day.....

  [DELETED] 19:32 02 Aug 2003

Ok, Thanks.

I'm showing no problems at all booting so I think you are right about the false alarm.

If anything bad guys will probably be the first people thta I talk to...

Thanks again.

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