Boot up programmes?

  Housten 17:55 30 Nov 2011

Good Afternoon,

I have been having a slow boot up for some time ( with a corresponding snail-like shut down ) and realised the other day that ‘Processes’ in ‘Task Manager’ show what is happening to my computer. My problem is that I don’t understand what all the programmes do, so I went through and made a list of them and then googled them. This helped somewhat – I think – but before doing anything – such as ‘Disable’ the files – I would like to ask for all of your advice and help, and what the files mentioned actually. As well as that another point that came to me was :- is there a file missing?? Does any one think there should be a file on the lists that isn’t there? If so I would like to know what it is and why it is thought to be important! I am presuming that I can – as long as the file is in my root folder – just type the name into Task Manager and it will be recorded. If I have to do something different I would like to know what I have to do.

I have a 4.75 year old desktop machine, and have Windows 7 Home premium 64Bit, with 4 GB of ram. If anyone wants more specific information I will endeavour to get whatever is asked. Having googled the files I think I can delete/disable some through the task manager and I have listed those separately. What I would like would be confirmation of those that I need to have started at boot up, those that could be left and those that can be safely disabled.

Any information/help/advice will be very gratefully received, I can assure you!

Files that can be deleted at boot up ( ?? ) :- ASCTray.exe dpupdchk.exe networx.exe nvtray.exe nvvsvc.exe nvXDSync.exe SmartDefrag.exe taskeng.exe taskhost.exe.

Files that are questionable at boot up :- explorer.exe ipoint.exe winlogon.exe

Files that are necessary at boot up :- avast.exe sidebasr.exe taskmgr.exe

After making completing the lists I had a look at my wife’s laptop – a Dell 1525 Inspiron – with Windows 7 Home premium 64Bit and 4 GB of ram. She has many files that are the same as the ones on my computer and a few that are different. Why?? Who knows!! However one that caught my eye particularly was explorer which is about 8 MB on her machine but over 30 MB on mine!!! I have no idea why there should be such a disparity – does anyone else have any idea as to why? Any way using the same as above the files on her machine which are different from mine are:-

Files that can be deleted at boot up ( ?? ) :- dwm.exe hkcmd.exe helppane.exe igfxpers.exe igfxsrvc.exe PMonitor.exe

Files that are questionable at boot up :- igfxpane.exe igfxtray.exe msseces.exe

Files that are questionable at boot up :- wuauclt.exe

Many thanks in anticipation of any and all help received.

  lotvic 18:17 30 Nov 2011

Have a look at blackviper's service configs chart before you start altering anything

  rdave13 18:41 30 Nov 2011

Try running a clean boot, you can check non Microsoft services and start-up items. Follow the instructions carefully, Clean-boot

  Housten 10:52 01 Dec 2011


Many thanks for your replies. The Boss has decided we are going out today, so I will have to wait before I can use your advice, but be in no doubt, I will use it.

Many, many thanks.

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